Little Laughter Films.

By employing the services of Little Laughter Films, signing up for an account with us or supplying work related to our service, you are agreeing to these Terms. These are legal and binding.

1. The Service
Little Laughter Films (“Service”) is a custom video editing service. The final product is referred to as ( “The edit, “final video”, or “custom video edit””)

2. The Website
The website or will contain the functionalities you need to use our service

3. We or Us
The service and website are owned and managed by Little Laughter Films (“Little Laughter Films” “we,” or “us”).

4. You
You or “Client”, is a customer of the Service or represents an individual or group considered to be a customer of the Service.

5. Content
Through the Service, the Client is required to provide video footage, other materials and content, and any notes. (these particulars are referred to collectively as “Content”) to the Editor.

6. Intellectual Property Rights
This refers to all current patent rights, mask work rights, rights of publicity, copyright rights, moral rights, trade dress and service mark rights, trademark, trade secret rights, goodwill and other intellectual property, as well as those that are to exist in the future, and all applications of the said rights and registrations, extensions and renewals thereof, under the laws of territory, country and state, or other jurisdiction.

Little Laughter Films reserves the right to modify and adjust these terms every so often. Otherwise explicitly mentioned elsewhere, all modified terms shall automatically take effect once they are made public.

Client recognizes that he/she has read, comprehends and willfully agrees to be duty-bound by these Terms. If you do not wish to accept them, you will be unable to access, look through or utilize the Service.

We will compile the submitted video clips into an edited final video(s) set to music based on the service selected. The final produced edit will be similar to the style depicted in the sample portfolio films.  

Little Laughter Films shall be granted full artistic license in relation to video clip selection, editing style, song choice, and overall style. Little Laughter Films has full artistic license to decide which footage will be included in the edit and how.

Clients will receive a final, one-of-a-kind custom video edit delivered “as is.” No additional edits or revisions are available. Not every clip sent will be included in the final edit. Some or all of each clip sent may be used in the edit. Therefore it is important to select your clips carefully before submitting them to us. 
Client understands that video editing is a subjective artistic process.It is the clients responsibility to critically view the sample work prior to purchasing a film. We will use our artistic judgement when editing the film, which may differ from the clients vision. Dissatisfaction with our aesthetic judgment or editing choices are not valid reasons for the refund of any earned payment.

Final video lengths vary depending on the clips submitted, image quality, image variety, and editorial discretion and may vary as stated in the descriptions above.
Every client is unique, with different video quality, lighting quality, shots angles, image stabilization, video format, video composition, number of clips provided and other influences.

Clients send us their media files and in turn, the Editor edits the project into a video.

The media files a client wants to get edited must be uploaded as a complete package. Once upload has been finished the editing process will begin. 

Our ability to perform the obligations under this Agreement in a professional and competent manner are dependent on the Client providing the video clips to us in a timely fashion. Company shall not be liable for any costs, charges, or losses sustained by the Client arising directly from any failure of the Client to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. The Client warrants that any and all materials provided by Client do not violate any laws or rights of third parties.

Client will have 365 days from the purchase date to submit the files for editing If the files are not submitted within that time frame the client forfeits the purchased package. 

Gift Cards expire if not redeemed within 2 years from purchase. 

PRIVACY / MODEL/LIKENESS RELEASE: The Parties agree that the clips may be altered or modified in order to provide the services. We will not use your personal videos or final edit in our online portfolios unless you have granted us permission. In the event that we wish to feature your video, we will place a request to you in writing. Only on written approval from the client will we feature your clips online. 

OWNERSHIP, RIGHTS AND USAGE: Upon receipt of payment the delivery of the digital files we grant the Client the right to use, reproduce, and distribute the final edit as desired. 

STORAGE. We will share the finalized video after it is completed and archive for 60 days after. After that time period, we are not responsible for archiving the final video edit. Clients must download and store the finished file in a secure location. We suggest creating a backup in an alternate location to store your final edit.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Company and the Client understand that the final video may be shared through a private url and that while Company will use reasonable efforts to respect privacy, that nothing should be shared in the clips that would be considered confidential, defamatory, libelous, or break any laws or infringe upon the rights of another.

DATA LOSS. Although we will take reasonable precautions to protect the digital files, the Company limits any liability for loss, damage, injury, or failure to deliver a final video for any reason, to the return of payments made. 


A third-party payment processor is used to process all payments that go through the Service. We are not liable for any security or privacy breaches by the said processor.
All charges you incur through the utilization of your debit or credit card, or other payment methods are reflective of the prices in effect during the time said charges were incurred. 
All purchased are non refundable 48 hours after purchase. 

Terms and Conditions