Little Laughter Films.

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We are so excited to create your
Little Laughter Film.
Once we have your footage we will start editing and you will have your film to enjoy in no time.

Step 1. Organize and Share

The fastest and simplest way to send us your footage is to create a folder on your mobile device or desktop computer and send us a shareable link via icloud or google photos. You can also upload your footage using our secure server. Click on the link below to learn how to organize and share your footage with us. 

Step 2. Send us a message + Get Confirmation

Once you have Submitted your files please send us an email to

Make sure to include 
Your name, order #, email used to purchase  and total number of files sent.

Including text makes a video more personal. Please let us know what you would like it to say. 
Examples are "Happy Mothers Day" , "Baby Tyler is One", or "We love you dad"

Have favorite moments?
Drop us a note on any specific clips you want included in the video

Receive a confirmation email within 24-48 Hours
that we have received and downloaded all of your files. 

**If you do not see a confirmation something went wrong with the upload. 
Please email us and let us know. 

Step 3. Sit back and relax

We will have your edit to you in approximately  2 weeks. 

**Please note that Custom USBs and Custom Video Books have a longer lead time and can take up to 3 weeks before they are shipped. 

Do you have more questions?

Find answers to our most common
 Questions here

or send us an email to

So easy! didn’t even have to think!


So easy! didn’t even have to think, I just shared my videos with them and they took care of the rest. I am so happy how a few random videos of my kids turned into the most amazing film of memories that we will cherish forever. Recommend, will use again... and again and again!!

 Little Laughter Films made it so easy!


I was looking for a way to capture the every day memories - video clips that were living on my phone and never seen again. Especially with the year we had spending so much time together in quarantine with my two young sons, I wanted to compile those moments into a video that could be cherished forever. Little Laughter Films made it so easy - I simply clicked on my favorite videos that were in my camera roll from the year, and they did all the work- they reviewed all of my footage- (must have been hours worth) and picked out the shining moments and then put it all together in a creative fun and memorable way, set to awesome music that set the tone for our family fun! We will always have this video to look back on and remember these moments rather than trying to find them in little clips in years to come. We were so thrilled with our video and our kids loved it too! We would definitely recommend Little Laughter Films!

Little Laughter Films is the perfect product for any family- grown babies, baby babies, grand-babies, god babies, fur-babies.


My husband and I are notorious for videoing the fun, nostalgic, and sometimes impromptu moments of our life with kids, but we have let these videos build up on our phones. Little Laughter Films was such an easy way to upload our content and have a professional edit turning them into great memories to watch for years to come. Our parents and kids alike love watching them over and over again. We highly recommend their service!
Little Laughter Films is the perfect product for any family- grown babies, baby babies, grand-babies, god babies, fur-babies.

do it yourself and you will see how much fun it turns out!


We had a film made for our daughter and it’s amazing.
We were searching for a way to compile our own videos and stumbled across this website and thought the concept was great and way easier than trying to do it ourselves .
All we can say is do it yourself and you will see how much fun it turns out.