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We offer 3 different lengths of videos.
A 1-2 minute edit , a 2-5 minute edit, or a longer 7-15 minute edit. 

The final length varies depending on the footage that you send us. We will incorporate all the good stuff while keeping it at a length that is fun and exciting to watch over and over. Trust us less IS more. 

Each film allows for a certain amount of clips to be uploaded.
The Short Film - Send up to 75 clips
The Indie Film - Send up to 250 clips
The Feature Film - Send up to 500 clips

Our editor will select clips and tell a story to fit the length of the film you have purchased.

Have more clips to send? Want to create a film composed of videos longer than 3 minutes that you have filmed please contact us for a custom proposal
If you send more than the allotted clips included in your purchase additional fees will occur. 

What is a clip ?
A clip is a piece of Video Footage up to 3 minutes in length. 

No, we will not use every clip sent but we try to use most.
The editor will go through your footage to tell the best story. 
If you have a “must use clip” or favorite moments please point them out in the notes section when you place your order. 

Approximately 2 weeks or sooner. Need something super fast?  Send us a message to inquire about  expedited turnaround availability.

Due to high volume surrounding holidays the turnaround time may increase. If you are hoping to have your film by a certain date please email us to confirm.

MOTHERS DAY 2021  Deadlines - All files must be uploaded by the following schedule.
The Short Film - Sunday 5.2.21 at 11:59pm EST
The Indie Film - Sunday 5.2.21 at 11:59pm EST
The Feature Film - Wednesday April 28 at 11:59pm EST

You can view the steps HERE.

We will send you an email with an upload link, sharing options, and instructions.

Data security, Privacy, and confidentiality are extremely important to us. SSL standards secure our website file sharing systems. We do not share any of your content or data with outside of our organization. Your videos are private and will not be shared unless Little Laughter Films is granted consent. 

Your videos won’t be shared online without your written consent.

We hand select music that is royalty free and social media friendly to ensure that you can share online with friends and family. Our expert editors will choose music to fit your footage and tell your story in the best way possible. Make sure to review our online examples. Remember this is supposed to be easy!

You absolutely can. 

We accept any type of digital video files. Phones, tablets, drones, professional gear, DSLR, ect. .MOV, MP4 files are best. 
*Please note files must be uncompressed and high resolution to be used. If there are any issues with files size our editors will be in touch. 

Absolutely ! In fact we think this is a great idea.  Simply record the audio on your phone and upload with your video files. *Make sure you record the audio in a quiet space. 

Looking to get professional footage of a day in the life of your family ? Check out our pro footage page. 

A QuickTime .mov will be emailed to you for download. 
Be sure to check out our custom usb and video book add ons. They make great gifts !

We can do that! Just send us an email at and tell us what you have in mind

We specialize in family milestone videos and do not edit wedding videos.  

So easy! didn’t even have to think!


So easy! didn’t even have to think, I just shared my videos with them and they took care of the rest. I am so happy how a few random videos of my kids turned into the most amazing film of memories that we will cherish forever. Recommend, will use again... and again and again!!

 Little Laughter Films made it so easy!


I was looking for a way to capture the every day memories - video clips that were living on my phone and never seen again. Especially with the year we had spending so much time together in quarantine with my two young sons, I wanted to compile those moments into a video that could be cherished forever. Little Laughter Films made it so easy - I simply clicked on my favorite videos that were in my camera roll from the year, and they did all the work- they reviewed all of my footage- (must have been hours worth) and picked out the shining moments and then put it all together in a creative fun and memorable way, set to awesome music that set the tone for our family fun! We will always have this video to look back on and remember these moments rather than trying to find them in little clips in years to come. We were so thrilled with our video and our kids loved it too! We would definitely recommend Little Laughter Films!

Little Laughter Films is the perfect product for any family- grown babies, baby babies, grand-babies, god babies, fur-babies.


My husband and I are notorious for videoing the fun, nostalgic, and sometimes impromptu moments of our life with kids, but we have let these videos build up on our phones. Little Laughter Films was such an easy way to upload our content and have a professional edit turning them into great memories to watch for years to come. Our parents and kids alike love watching them over and over again. We highly recommend their service!
Little Laughter Films is the perfect product for any family- grown babies, baby babies, grand-babies, god babies, fur-babies.

do it yourself and you will see how much fun it turns out!


We had a film made for our daughter and it’s amazing.
We were searching for a way to compile our own videos and stumbled across this website and thought the concept was great and way easier than trying to do it ourselves .
All we can say is do it yourself and you will see how much fun it turns out.

Gather and Select your videos.
While we encourage you to send your favorites, don't overthink what you are sending. Just upload what you have and let our editors work their magic.

Head over to the Store select  and purchase a little laughter film or package. 
After you place your order you will receive a welcome email with directions on how and where to upload your videos.

Once you purchase you will receive an email with an upload link. Simply Upload your videos using our secure server right from your phone or computer.

Drop us a note on any specific clips you want included in the video. Our editors will only select the best clips from your footage to tell the story eliminating the fluff.

Let our editors work their magic  while you live your life. Receive an amazing stylized highlight video to share with your friends + family.

2. Gather Your Videos

3. Upload Your Videos 

4. Drop us a Note

5. Download + Enjoy


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