Little Laughter Films.

video edits TO SHARE YOUR

A 1-2 minute custom video edit 
Send up to 75 clips

Perfect for telling the story of a single event or to make a small film if you don’t have a lot of footage

The Short Film


Random footage
Birthday parties
Day Trips
Holiday Fun
Monthly baby milestone

Ideas Include


A 3-5 minute custom video edit
Send up to 250 clips

The Indie Film

Our most popular film, this is perfect for telling almost any story with an average amount of footage.

Random Footage
Yearly recap
Summer Recap
Monthly baby milestone

Ideas Include

A longer edit, up to 7-15 minutes 
Send 250-500 clips

The Feature Film


A longer film, this option is great when you have a lot of footage you want to include

Random Footage
Yearly recap videos
Large video organization projects
Babies first year

Ideas Include

Not sure which film to choose? Send us an EMAIL , we are here to help !

Don't have a specific event or milestone to recap and just want to make something cool out of all of your random videos? Go ahead and send us all of those clips you love and let us create the story.