Little Laughter Films.



Little Laughter films started as a personal project after our baby boy was born. Stuck at home during the covid quarantine with time on our hands and an urge to be creative that needed to be satisfied, we started filming and editing our baby boys every milestone and sharing them to our social media so our friends, family, and followers could get a glimpse into our "new normal".

People started inquiring about how they could get videos like this and we quickly realized there was a need for video editing services geared towards families. 

For over a decade we have poured our energy into creating beautiful family heirlooms documenting weddings and celebrations; " once in a lifetime events"
It sounds cliche but when our little guy arrived into this world we realized every moment is a once in a lifetime moment. 

And Little Laughter was born.

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A Film Maker +
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When we were snuggling our nugget early on we read an article that said to savor every moment because you never know when it could be the last time your child does a particular thing. We realized very quickly this was so true. One day he was wrapped up in his favorite cozy outfit and the next morning he was suddenly too big to fit. We knew we needed to document and archive all of these fleeting milestones.

Denny started making monthly video edits so we had little videos to look back on as recaps for his first year. Our nugget is still so little but we already find ourselves looking back at these videos and reflecting on these amazing moments we have had. 

We want to give this gift to all families and create something unique that each of you can treasure, just like we do. 

xoxo.... Denny + Kate 

When I saw our video I cried.

When I saw our feature film video I cried. I had forgotten so many of the moments from our little man's first year. Between the sleepless nights, the delirium, the chaos, and the overall overwhelming nature of the first year it was blurry. But this video brought it all back to life. Every tear, every laugh, and every crazy inappropriate moment came flooding right back to me. It's all from the cameras we had in our pockets, our smartphones. It's real, choppy and sometimes unflattering but it's ours. This edit is a movie of our life, a perfect documentation of our story. It's something our toddler already loves to watch and I am so thankful I can relive this chapter in our lives over and over. 
My wish is to give this memory to every family. 

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We promise we are only a little crazy :)

We filmed a lot of our pre-baby journey as well as the days leading up to his arrival. We will forever be thankful to be able to look back on this wild ride and relive it.

Watch our IVF and Birth Story here

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